Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment: strategies for improvements of the accuracy of the theoretical prediction

Waldthausen Castle near Mainz

Waldthausen Castle near Mainz

The muon anomalous magnetic moment is one of the most precisely measured observables in particle physics, which at the same time can be predicted by theory with the required accuracy. It is at the same time a monitor for in depth testing the Standard Model as well as for finding deviations from it caused by unknown physics. The aim of the Workshop is to gather leading experts as well as new faces having new ideas to work on the improvement of the predictions of the Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment, in particular on the challenging hadronic light-by-light scattering problem. The goal is to trigger new activities which should lead to the theoretical improvements required for a successful confrontation of theory and experiment once the results from the next generation of experiments at Fermilab and at J-PARC are available.
Application deadline: 10 January 2014
Executive Summary
Mini Proceedings
  • Achim Denig
  • Andreas Juettner
  • Andreas Nyffeler
  • Andrzej Kupsc
  • Antonin Portelli
  • Bastian Kubis
  • Bill Marciano
  • Christian Fischer
  • Christoph Hanhart
  • Dominik Stoeckinger
  • Eduardo de RAFAEL
  • Fred Jegerlehner
  • Gilberto Colangelo
  • Henryk Czyz
  • Irinel Caprini
  • Johan Bijnens
  • Karl Jansen
  • Kim Maltman
  • Laurent Lellouch
  • Maarten Golterman
  • Marc Knecht
  • Marc Vanderhaegen
  • Marina Marinkovic
  • Masashi Hayakawa
  • Massimo Passera
  • Maurice Benayoun
  • Michael Pennington
  • Richard Williams
  • Santiago Peris
  • Simon Eidelmann
  • Taku Izubuchi
  • Thomas Teubner
  • Tom Blum