4th LISA Cosmology Working Group Workshop

02.430 (Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University)


Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University

Staudingerweg 9 / 2nd floor, 55128 Mainz
This is the 4th LISA Cosmology Working Group Workshop. After the selection of the LISA mission by ESA following the call for mission in autumn 2016, and the end of ESA design study in summer 2017, the configuration of the LISA interferometer is substantially fixed. It is therefore time to precisely assess the capability of the new LISA configuration to test different aspects of cosmology and fundamental physics. Moreover, the community must start to dwell on new issues connected with data analysis techniques and with the needs of the LISA Consortium to address ESA requests. The goal of the present workshop is to obtain concrete results in this respect, therefore, it will be dedicated mostly to collaborative work in teams, accompanied by a few seminars on new results. Credit: LISA Consortium

The workshop will cover the following main topics:

  • First order phase transitions
  • Detection of stochastic backgrounds
  • Topological defects
  • Standard sirens
  • Testing General Relativity
  • Inflation and beyond
  • Primordial black holes and dark matter
  • Structure formation
Executive Summary (PDF)
Participants (PDF)
    • Coffee
    • Welcome
      Convener: Prof. Matthias Neubert (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
    • Update on LISA, Discussions, Structure of the Workshop
      Convener: Germano Nardini
      • 1
        Presentation of the workshop and program discussion
      • 2
        Status of LISA
        Speaker: Martin Hewitson
      • 3
        Sensitivity curve
        Speaker: Antoine Petiteau
      • 4
        Discussion: organisation of the Consortium, CosWG, milestones
    • Phase Tansitions I
      Convener: Thomas Konstandin
      • 5
        Electroweak bubble wall speed limit
        Speaker: Guy Moore (TU Darmstadt)
      • 6
        Runaway discussion, update of CosWG document
        Speaker: Jonathan Kozakzuk
      • 7
        Vacuum Transitions
        Speaker: Daniel Cutting
      • 8
        Models & LHC complementarity
        Speaker: Jose Miguel No
    • Coffee
    • Topological Defects
      Convener: Daniele Steer
      • 9
        GWs from field theory simulations
        Speakers: Daniel Figueroa, Mark Hindmarsh
      • 10
        Latest on NG simulations + constraints
        Speakers: Daniele Steer, Maria Sakellariadou
      • 11
        “Free-parameter" constraints
        Speaker: Sotiris Sanidas
    • Welcome drink (Celebration of Nobel Prize for GWs, and possibly a new type of merger announced earlier today?)
    • Coffee
    • Phase Transitions II
      Convener: Pedro Schwaller (JGU Mainz)
      • 12
        Spectra - Introduction
      • 13
        Turbulence and Hubble damping
        Speaker: Chiara Caprini
      • 14
        Sound Shell Model
        Speaker: Marc Hindmarsh
      • 15
        Some new simulation results
        Speaker: Thomas Konstandin
      • 16
        Spectra - Discussion
    • Probing BSM in astrophysics with GWs
      Convener: Valerie Domcke
      • 17
        Constraints on axion-like particles with LIGO and LISA
        Speaker: Enrico Barausse
      • 18
    • Discussion of LIGO papers
    • Coffee
    • Inflation
      Convener: Daniel Figueroa
      • 19
        LISA and inflation
        Speaker: A. Ricciardone
      • 20
        Broken isometries in inflation
        Speaker: G. Tasinato
      • 21
        PBHs from inflation
        Speaker: J. Garcia-Bellido
      • 22
        Some extra infos
        Speaker: M. Peloso
    • Coffee
    • Discussion on Work Packages
    • Data processing & data challenges, detection of a SGWB
      Conveners: Antoine Petiteau, Stas Babak
      • 23
        Data processing centre
        Speakers: Antoine Petiteau, Stanislav Babak
      • 24
        LISA data challenges
        Speakers: Antoine Petiteau, Stanislav Babak
    • PRISMA Colloquium by Raphael Flauger (Lorentz-Raum 05-127, Staudingerweg 7)
    • Data processing & data challenges, detection of a SGWB II
      • 25
        SGWB via frequency bins
        Speaker: Germano Nardini
      • 26
        A COSMOMC-like proposal
        Speaker: Mark Hindmarsh
      • 27
        Chirality at Earth-based interferometers
        Speaker: Marco Peloso
    • Illustrative and explicit example of stochastic background reconstruction
      Conveners: Antoine Petiteau, Stanislav Babak
    • Coffee: & free discussion
    • Standard Sirens
      Convener: Chiara Caprini
      • 28
        Standard sirens at LISA
        Speaker: Nicola Tamanini
      • 29
        How MBHB are formed and their counterparts
        Speaker: Enrico Barausse
      • 30
        Method without counterpart
        Speaker: Antoine Petiteau
      • 31
        Discussion: measurement of H0 and what's next
    • Coffee
    • Modified GR and Cosmology
      Convener: Diego Blas
      • 32
        Overview of the topic
        Speaker: D. Blas
      • 33
        Speaker: M. Sakellariadou
      • 34
        Theories of gravity after GW170817
        Speaker: G. Tasinato
      • 35
    • Primordial Black Holes
      Convener: Marco Peloso
      • 36
        Phenomenological aspects of PBHs
        Speaker: J. Garcia-Bellido
      • 37
        Phenomenology associated to second-order GWs
        Speaker: M. Peloso
      • 38
        Further phenomenological aspects of inflation
        Speaker: M. Pieroni
      • 39
        Other GW experimetns and their connection to inflation
        Speaker: R. Flauger
    • Coffee
    • Work on Projects
    • Coffee
    • Discussion on CosWG
      Convener: Germano Nardini
      • 40
        Financial resources
        Speaker: M. Hindmarsh + A. Tranberg
      • 41
        Next CosWG workshop
        Speaker: Mark Hindmarsh
      • 42
        Improving the CosWG and the interaction with the other WGs (Discussion)
        Speaker: Germano Nardini
    • Work on Projects
    • Work on Projects
    • Coffee: Goodbye coffee