High precision fundamental constants at the TeV scale

Our current knowledge on the fundamental constants in the Standard Model is often the limiting factor in the uncertainty of theoretical predictions, a prominent example being the strong coupling constant and its impact on cross sections at the Large Hadron Collider. Lacking accuracy in the value of those fundamental constants has direct impact on precision tests of the Standard Model and on the interpretation of potential deviations in experimental measurements in terms of new physics phenomena. The scientific program will initiate a coherent action to improve this situation. It will gather the world experts in the determination of key parameters at the Terascale, such as the strong coupling constant, the Higgs mass, the top-quark mass in order to review the situation and to establish a work program. This program will aim both at the resolution of current discrepancies between different methods or different sets of data used to determine the same parameter as well as at the identification of areas where theory improvement is necessary.
Application deadline: 31 December 2013
  • Alexander Penin
  • Andre Hoang
  • Andrew Papanastasiou
  • Bernd Kniehl
  • Christian Schwinn
  • Hubert Spiesberger
  • Jan Piclum
  • Jens Erler
  • Johannes Bluemlein
  • José Ramón Espinosa
  • Juan Fuster
  • Klaus Rabbertz
  • Leonardo Vernazza
  • Manfred Lindner
  • Markus Schulze
  • Martijn Mulders
  • Mikhail Kalmykov
  • Nikolai Zerf
  • Peter Uwer
  • Sergey Alekhin
  • Stefan Dittmaier
  • Stefan Kluth
  • Stefan Weinzierl
  • Sven-Olaf Moch
  • Xavier Garcia Tormo