Power Expansions on the Lightcone: From Theory to Phenomenology

02.430 (Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University)


Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University

Staudingerweg 9 / 2nd floor, 55128 Mainz

Systematic power expansions on the lightcone, typically formulated as factorization theorems, are the key theoretical ingredients for achieving precise predictions for particle physics experiments, such as the LHC, B-factories, and gravitational wave detectors. The main goal of this workshop is to unify recent progress by different groups related to understanding subleading power corrections to lightcone expansions, and resolve a number of outstanding technical issues that are currently hindering further advances. The program will be also an opportunity to coordinate these theoretical advances with phenomenological predictions for experiments to ensure maximum impact. The program will consist of five major themes dedicated to various aspects of developing a systematic understanding of power expansions on the lightcone:

  • Renormalization Group Properties of Non-Local Lightcone Operators
  • Resolving Endpoint Singularities in Soft-Collinear Factorization
  • Power Expansion for the Regge Limit in Gauge Theory and Gravity
  • Phenomenological Applications of Power Suppressed Contributions
  • Physics of Soft Fermion Radiation
Contact @ MITP : Barbara Behrend