22-26 January 2018
Bormio, Italy
Europe/Berlin timezone

Contribution List

72 / 72
Prof. Christian Weinheimer (Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Muenster, Germany)
23/01/2018, 11:00
Fundamental Interactions
Overview Talk
Invited talk
Prof. Matthias Neubert (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
23/01/2018, 17:25
Short Contribution
Axion-like particles at the LHC and future colliders
Prof. HIROKAZU TAMURA (Department of Physics, Tohoku University)
24/01/2018, 11:00
Hadron Physics
Overview Talk
Nuclear Physics with Strangeness
Prof. Joachim Stroth (Uni. Frankfurt)
24/01/2018, 18:05
Applications and Instrumentations
Short Contribution
monolotic detector sensors for CBM
Prof. Fairouz Malek (LPSC-Grenoble)
25/01/2018, 09:00
Overview Talk
Higgs and New Physics at ATLAS and CMS
Prof. Xiaoyan Shen (IHEP, CAS)
25/01/2018, 09:45
Hadron Physics
Overview Talk
Recent results from BES III
Prof. Thomas Aumann (TU Darmstadt)
25/01/2018, 11:30
Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics
Overview Talk
Search for the tetra neutron
Dr Patrizia de Simone (LNF-INFN)
25/01/2018, 17:00
Short Contribution
Flavour results at LHCb
Dr Paolo Valente (INFN Roma)
25/01/2018, 17:45
Fundamental Interactions
Short Contribution
Dr Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN)
26/01/2018, 11:00
Hadron Physics
Overview Talk
Baryon-Baryon Interactions from Lattice QCD
Dr Michael Winn (Université Paris-Saclay)
26/01/2018, 11:30
Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics
Extended Contribution
A summary of recent results by LHCb on heavy-ion physics is given.
Mr Yi Chen (CERN)
26/01/2018, 11:55
Fundamental Interactions
Overview Talk