22-26 January 2018
Bormio, Italy
Europe/Berlin timezone

Antimatter in Space

26 Jan 2018, 18:00
Bormio, Italy

Bormio, Italy

Short Contribution Applications and Instrumentations Friday Afternoon


Mr Thomas Poeschl (Technical University of Munich)


Measuring antimatter in space excellently probes various astrophysical processes. The abundancies and energy spectra of antiparticles reveal a lot about the creation and propagation of cosmic-ray particles in the universe. Abnormalities in their spectra can reveal exotic sources or inaccuracies in our understanding of the involved processes. I will review the measurement of antiprotons in cosmic rays and the status of the search for antideuterons and antihelium on stratospheric research balloons, satellites, and the International Space Station. I will describe future experiments that mainly focus on low kinetic energies---claiming promising discovery potentials for exotic production processes---and the influence of the near-Earth environment on these experiments.

Primary author

Mr Thomas Poeschl (Technical University of Munich)

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