22-26 January 2018
Bormio, Italy
Europe/Berlin timezone

Towards finite density QCD with an effective lattice theory

26 Jan 2018, 17:00
Bormio, Italy

Bormio, Italy

Short Contribution Fundamental Interactions Friday Afternoon


Prof. Owe Philipsen (Goethe-University Frankfurt)


Finite density QCD is not directly accessible to Monte Carlo simulations because of the so-called sign problem. I summarize recent efforts to construct an effective lattice theory based on strong coupling and hopping expansions, which is valid either for heavy quarks close to the continuum or for chiral quarks on very coarse lattices. These effective theories permit determinations of the phase diagram in the parameter regimes where they are valid. Besides providing qualitative insights, the results also bound those for physical QCD. In particular, using these approaches it is possible to address the nuclear liquid gas transition directly from QCD.

Primary author

Prof. Owe Philipsen (Goethe-University Frankfurt)

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