May 19 – 30, 2014
International Center for the Scientific Culture, Villa Orlandi, Anacapri (island of Capri), Italy
Europe/Berlin timezone

General Information

The Scientific Program will take place on May 19-30, 2014 at the International Center for the Scientific Culture Villa Orlandi, located in Anacapri on the Capri island, Italy and jointly organized by the University of Naples Federico II, Italy  and  Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (MITP), Germany.

The general goal of MITP’s scientific programs is to create unique opportunities for cross-disciplinary exchange among researchers from different fields of expertise in theoretical physics. The Institute is part of the Excellence Cluster PRISMA (“Precision Physics, FundamentalInteractions and Structure of Matter”) at Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany.  For further information, please visit the MITP website: .

For participants of the Scientific Program we will contribute, partially, to local expenses. No fee is required.

In the middle of the Scientific Program, there will be a three days workshop attended by additional physicists, both experimental and theoreticians, please visit