Parity violation and EDM searches at accelerators rely on the observation of polarisation-induced  effects. Accurate and effective polarimetry is of vital importance for their success. In many cases, a considerable  improvement with respect to the present state of the art is required.

The workshop will address  new concepts  as well as recently revived methods such as

- high precision measurements of polarisation at low energies by double scattering or optical methods

- polarimeters and generation methods for  positrons at low energies

- new trends for non invasive polarimeters at medium and high energies

- resonant polarimeters for EDM measurements and other purposes.

- high accuracy spin control for EDM measurements

- control of helicity correlated asymmetries

Helmholtz-Institut Mainz Staudingerweg 18 55128 Mainz

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Scientific organizing committee:

Kurt Aulenbacher

Wolfgang Hillert


Local organizing committee :

Thomas Beiser

Tanja Schwerdt