Jun 26 – 29, 2017
Schloss Waldthausen
Europe/Berlin timezone

Two-photon form factors of the pseudoscalar mesons in Phokhara and Ekhara Monte Carlo generators

Jun 27, 2017, 6:30 PM
1h 30m
Helmholtz-Institut Mainz

Helmholtz-Institut Mainz

Staudingerweg 18, 55128 Mainz
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Szymon Tracz (University of Silesia)


Phenomenological model, which describe very well the coupling of the $\pi^0, \eta, \eta^{'}$ mesons to two photons is presented. The model of the form factors is consistent with the data in the space-like region, as well with the data in the time-like region with exception of the $\pi^0$ BaBar data and $\eta$ CMD2 data. The obtained form factors are implemented in Monte Carlo event generator Phokhara and Ekhara and investigation of the impact of radiative corrections for a cross section of $e^+ e^- \to \gamma \pi^0, (\eta, \eta^{'} )$ is studied.

Primary author

Szymon Tracz (University of Silesia)


Henryk Czyz (Inst. of Physics, Univ. of Silesia)

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