Jun 10 – 21, 2024
Villa Orlandi
Europe/Berlin timezone

Our understanding of particle physics has today reached an unprecedented level of maturity, and this has dramatically changed the targets of research. Although we have equations that describe most observed phenomena, we lack a true understanding of the principles underlying those equations and the physical origin of their many free parameters. Moreover, many of the open questions in the micro-world and the cosmos appear to be closely intertwined The focus of particle physics has thus evolved towards addressing structural questions about  fundamental interactions and the origin of the Universe.

The aim of this program is to investigate the two promising sectors of flavour physics and dark matter.  Analyzing their interplay is fundamental in order to formulate a coherent framework, in our ambitious quest for physics beyond the Standard Model.

The theoretical MITP program and the workshop will have common goals, that is to interpret the results coming from a wide range of experiments, and to formulate a coherent framework to account for them. The workshop is addressed to theoreticians as well as experimentalists. Accepted participants of the MITP program are automatically accepted and registered for the workshop. 

Villa Orlandi
Anacapri, Capri Island - Italy

This event is organized by Marcela Carena (Univ. of Chicago & FNAL), Gino Isidori ( Univ. of Zurich), Matthias Neubert (JGU Mainz), and Giulia Ricciardi (Univ. of Naples Federico II). 

It is under the Moral Patronage of the University of Naples Federico II.

MITP supports equal opportunities in science.