Apr 4 – 7, 2016
Kupferbergterrasse Mainz
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Program

Nucleon form factors / proton radius

Carl Carlson (William and Mary) Theoretical status of proton radius puzzle
Haiyan Gao (Duke Univ) The proton charge radius and the PRad experiment at Jefferson Lab
Jan Bernauer (MIT) Precision Form Factor Measurements in Electron-Nucleon Scattering
Guy Ron  (Jerusalem)  The MUSE experiment
Keith Griffioen (William and Mary) Efficacy of a Radial Time Projection Chamber for Tests of Lepton Universality
Hai-Bo Li (IHEP Beijing) Possible experiments with the Internal Gas Target at the BEPCII
Miha Mihovilovic (Ljubliana/Mainz) The initial state radiation experiment at MAMI
Alexey Vorobyev (Gatchina) A proposal for high precision measurements of e-p differential cross sections at small t-values using an active target.



Judith McGovern (Univ Manchester) Theoretical status of nucleon polarizabilities
Evgeny M. Maev (Gatchina) Future prospects for polarizability measurements
Rory Miskimen (Amherst) Spin polarizabilities
Hélène Fonvieille (Univ Clermont) Virtual Compton Scattering and Generalized Polarizabilities: Experimental Status
Dave Hornidge (Mt Allison Univ) Polarizability Measurements at A2/MAMI
Nicole d'Hose (CEA Saclay) DVCS overview
Vladimir Pascalutsa (Mainz) From nucleon Compton scattering to muonic hydrogen and back


Dark photons and dark matter

Maxim Pospelov (Perimeter) Dark photon and dark matter: theoretical motivations
Maurik Holtrop (New Hampshire) The Heavy Photon Search experiment at Jefferson Lab
Ross Corliss (MIT) Dark light
Marco Battaglieri (Univ Genova) BDX
Harald Merkel (Univ. Mainz) Dark photon experiments at Mainz
Enrico Graziani (Roma 3) Kloe results
Paolo Valente (Roma 1) Dark photon searches in positron annihilations with the PADME experiment


Few-body physics

Evgeny Epelbaum (Univ Bochum) Theoretical overview of nuclear EFT
Jacek Golak (Univ. Krakow) Electron scattering off few body systems: theory meets experiment


Nuclear astrophysics

Achim Schwenk (Univ. Darmstadt) Atomic nuclei: from fundamental interactions to structure and stars
Norbert Pietralla (Univ. Darmstadt) Plans at the S-DALINAC
Philipp Scholz (Köln) Radiative capture and photodisintegration reactions for the synthesis of the p nuclei
Joachim Enders (Univ. Darmstadt) Polarization Expts. at Darmstadt
Claudio Ugalde (Chicago) JLab experiment
Davide Trezzi (Milano) Nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest at LUNA


Meson Physics

Emilie Passemar (U. Indiana) Overview of tau decays
Graziano Venanzoni (LNF) Measuring aμHLO in the spacelike region
Guangshun Huang (USTC) Timelike Form Factor Measurements at BESIII
Alberto Lusiani (Univ Pisa) Tau-decays: experiment
Massimo Passera (Padova) Spacelike measurements for HVP theory
Yuping Guo (Mainz) The hadronic contributions on g-2


Detector Design

Stefano Caiazza (Mainz) The MAGIX experiment
Alfons Khoukaz (Münster) Jet target
Bernhard Ketzer (Univ Bonn) GEM+TPC
Eric Voutier (IPN Orsay) Positron production
Annalisa d'Angelo (Univ. Rome, tbc) HD frozen spin target