Apr 4 – 7, 2016
Kupferbergterrasse Mainz
Europe/Berlin timezone

Venue & Social Events

Kupferberg Terrasse

The Kupferbergterrasse is an historical winery situated on and inside the hill that dominates the historical centre of the city of Mainz, there where 2000 years ago the Romans built the original castle of Mogontiacum to control the Rhein river crossings. Several roman ruins are still visible in the immediate neighborhood of the Kupferbergterrasse, including the remains of the main access gate, no more than 50 meters from the entrance of the venue

The oldest underground structures included in the winery infrastructure date to the late Middle Ages, created by a monastery, probably already at that time to store wine. 

The modern winery was founded on July 4th 1850 by Adalbert Kupferberg for the "fabrication of sparkling wine" in Mainz, the type of wine which was becoming popular just in that period, with the creation of the biggest and most famous Champagne houses in the neighbouring France.

The venue is only 500 mts away from the central station and can be reached most easily on foot (see the Directions) from there.


Social Events

For the duration of this conference we organized a few social events which, hopefully will make your stay more pleasent.

Reception and wine-cellars tour

To welcome you on the first day of the conference we asked our hosts to organize a tour of their ancient underground winery. The tour will last about 1 hour and will introduce you to the history of the venue and will include the tasting of three different type of wine produced at the Kupferberg Terrasse. At the end of the tour some additional aperitif will be waiting for you in the museum area of the winery.

Mainz city tour

On wednesday afternoon we will cut short our intellectual pleasures to take a walk in the street of the city of Mainz and appreciate its beauty. The walking tour will last between 2 and 3 hours and hopefully will make the following dinner more pleasant.

Social dinner

After the city tour we will gather all at the Pieter van Aemstel Strandschiff located on the river, opposite to the city center where we will be served a nice dinner in the cosy atmosphere of a recently renovated river boat.