11-15 April 2016
JGU Mainz, Germany - Waldthausen Castle
Europe/Berlin timezone


List of topics (preliminary):

  • Vud, unitarity of the CKM-matrix and BBN (n-lifetime)

  • Decay correlations (neutron ß-decay)

  • CP/T violation, baryogenesis (n-EDM)

  • Baryon number violation (n-nbar oscillations)

  • 1/r2 graviational law, weak equivalence principle, extra dimensions (n-gravitation)

  • Neutron electroneutrality (n-charge)

  • Mirror matter, spin-dependent forces, axions (mirror-neutrons, DM-search)

  • Comparison of low energy and high energy results (EFT, QCD calc. )

  • Exotic couplings, symmetries, CPT and Lorentz-invariance

  • UCN sources

  • Instrumentation/Simulation

  • UCN applications ( surface phenomena, …)