Jun 17 – 21, 2024
MITP - Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Europe/Berlin timezone

General Information

Quantum field theory (QFT) is the framework which best describes our world, yet our understanding of it is incomplete and remains one of the most important mathematical challenges. Aided by supersymmetry and string theory important progress has been made in computing exact quantities in QFT, uncovering some of its underlying mathematical structure. One particular area which has seen rapid progress over the last few years are strongly coupled superconformal QFTs (SCFTs). Many tools have been developed to compute their (generalized) global symmetries, their moduli space geometries, how they are connected through RG flows, etc.
The workshop will bring together experts in the field of SCFTs to report on most cutting edge progress and identify new directions and possibilities, addressing some of the deepest questions in QFT.

This workshop is organized by Antoine Bourget (IphT Saclay and ENS Paris), Julius Grimminger (Oxford Univ.), Amihay Hanany (Imperial College London), Vishnu Jejjala (Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Diversity Coordinator) and Hans Jockers (JGU Mainz).

MITP seeks to bring together physicists with common scientific interests for discussions and collaborations. One-week topical workshops offer the opportunity to concentrate on a specific topic in a comprehensive schedule. Up to 30 scientists may participate in the workshop. Workshops usually take place on campus to enable contacts to physicists from local research groups.
MITP offers all its participants office space and access to computing facilities during their stay. In addition, MITP will cover local housing expenses for accepted participants. The MITP team will be happy to arrange the accommodation according to the individual needs of the participants.

More detailed information on the logistics will be provided by email as the workshop approaches. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.