23-27 January 2017
Bormio, Italy
Europe/Berlin timezone

Recent results from the ATLAS heavy ion program

26 Jan 2017, 17:45
Bormio, Italy

Bormio, Italy

Short Contribution Thursday Afternoon


Dr Radim Slovak (Prague CU)


The heavy ion program in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider aims to probe and characterize the hot, dense matter created in relativistic lead-lead collisions, in the context of smaller collision systems involving nuclei and hadrons. This talk presents recent results based on LHC Run 1 and Run 2 data, including measurements of bulk collectivity, electroweak bosons, jet modifications, and quarkonium suppression. Results will also be presented on electromagnetic processes in ultra-peripheral collisions, including forward dilepton production and light-by-light scattering.

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