Jan 26 – 30, 2015
Bormio, Italy
Europe/Berlin timezone

Experiments with a double solenoid system: Measurements of the 6He+p Resonant Scattering

Jan 28, 2015, 6:00 PM
Bormio, Italy

Bormio, Italy

Short Contribution Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics Wednesday Afternoon


Dr Ruben Pampa Condori (Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de São Paulo-Brazil)


The spectroscopy of light nuclei such as 6,7Li, and others is still a relatively unexplored field and the ability to produce these nuclei in reactions induced by exotic nuclei is motivating. In particular the 7Li has an excited state at 11.24MeV Jpi=3/2-T=3/2 which is the Isobaric Analog State of the 7He ground state. We present results of an experiment 6He+CH2 performed in the RIBRAS double solenoid system. The 6He secondary beam was produced by the 9Be(7Li,6He) reaction at incident 7Li energy of 24MeV. A thick 12mg/cm2 CH2 foil was used as a secondary target and as absorber in the midway scattering chamber between the two solenoids. We observed the protons, deuterons, tritons and alpha particles produced in reactions of the 6He beam and the CH2 target. Measurements of the elastic scattering p(6He,p) have been performed at three different angles, namely 0, 20, and 25 degrees in the laboratory system, to observe states of the 7Li around excitation energies of E*7Li=10.4-11.8MeV. Excitation functions have been obtained for those angles which correspond to 180, 140, and 130 degrees in the center of mass system. We have fitted those excitation functions using the Breit-Wigner function. We also compare the obtained excitation functions with predictions of the R-matrix calculations.

Primary author

Dr Ruben Pampa Condori (Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de São Paulo-Brazil)


RIBRAS RIBRAS collaboration (Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de São Paulo-Brazil)

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