Participant List

28 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alexander Silenko Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Alfredo U Luccio Brookhaven National Laboratory-Mail Stop 510 E
Andrea Pesce INFN and University of Ferrara
Andreas Lehrach IKP-FZ Jülich & RWTH Aachen
Carlo Guaraldo Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare
Edward Stephenson Indiana University, Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter
Eleni Petrakou Center for Axion and Precision Physics (CAPP/IBS)
Erhard Steffens Physics Dep, Univ. of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Fabian Nillius Institut für Kernphysik
Fabian Trinkel Institut für Kernphysik
Frank Rathmann Institut für Kernphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Gudrid Moortgat-Pick Uni Hamburg/DESY
Helmut Soltner Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Joerg Pretz RWTH Aachen University
Kirill Grigoryev III. Physikalisches Institut B, RWTH Aachen
Kurt Aulenbacher Institut für Kernphysik Universität Mainz
Martin Gaisser CAPP/IBS
Mei Bai FZJ
Paolo Lenisa University of Ferrara and INFN
Richard Talman Cornell University
Selcuk Haciomeroglu Korea Institute for Basic Science
Seongtae Park CAPP/IBS
Soohyung Lee Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research, Institute for Basic Science
Tanja Schwerdt KPH
William Marciano Brookhaven National Lab
William Morse BNL
Wolfgang Hillert Universitaet Bonn, ELSA
Yannis Semertzidis Institute for Basic Science
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