25-29 August 2014
Schloss Waldthausen, Mainz, Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone

D+ -> Ks pi+ pi0 Dalitz plot analysis with BES III

25 Aug 2014, 12:10
Schloss Waldthausen, Mainz, Germany

Schloss Waldthausen, Mainz, Germany

Heavy Quarks & Leptons Spectroscopy


Peter Weidenkaff (Mainz University)


We perform an analysis of the D+ -> Ks pi+ pi0 Dalitz plot. The Dalitz plot is found to be well-represented by a combination of six quasi-two-body decay channels (Ks rho, Ks rho(1450), K*0bar pi+, K*0(1430)bar pi+, K(1680)bar pi+ and kapa0bar pi+) plus a small non-resonant component. Using the fractions from this analysis, partial branching ratios are updated with higher precision than previous measurements.

Primary author

Haiping Peng (UST China)

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